Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hold You Prisoner II

I pace inside my cage
And my distress
Makes you pace outside
But it means nothing to me
I rescued you
Taught you love
Fought for you
When you had lost
I made you 
What you are today
And you in turn
Made me what I am
Even now I look at you
Helpless and part ashamed,
Your eyes begging me
For reassurance.
I give it to you
Sort of.
My tears I won't waste
On you
Instead a benign smile 
Plays at my lips
I see the doubt dawn on you
The Fear claw at your heart
You don't get it
You never will
That I smile because
You needed a cage 
To imprison me
But I, I hold you prisoner
With my smile Alone,
And guess what?
My smile says it all.