Saturday, April 30, 2011


Death be kind
Seduce me
Let not life
Reduce me
Let us get tangled
In each other
Let us make
Soft, slow love
Let our souls
Get drenched
Let my passions
Be quenched

Together we'll
Reach the zenith
And then once
We are spent
I'll look you
In the eye
With sated
Unseeing gaze
While you gather
Me in your arms
And murmur
Sweet nothings
In my ears

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I look at the tiny scrape
Just a scratch on my knee
Tears gathering in my eyes
My lower lip wobbling.

"It hurts!"
"I know, sweetheart"
You gather me in your arms
"There!" you say and
You kiss the pain away.
I see my pain reflected
In your eyes
And it hurts me no more.

Now those same eyes
Look at me vacantly
On the pristine bed you lie
A faraway look in your eye
Lost to the world,
Lost to me.
Aged. Broken. Distant.

"It hurts!"
I offer you my aching heart
"Won't you gather me into your arms?"
"Just once. Just for a moment, Mama!"
"Won't you come back to me?"
"Won't you...
Won't you kiss my pain away?"

Monday, April 25, 2011


A tear trickled down
A dream was smashed
Was that your voice?
Or did I just
Scream out in pain?
Called out in vain, yet again
Didn't someone else hear me?
Would anyone be bothered?
Does nobody care anymore?
Or is your voice too smothered?
Silence prevails
I hear no answers.
All I hear are echoes
Of all the innocence lost
I can see it shatter
My bright, protected past.
Left alone
No hearth nor home
Aimlessly I roam
Robbed even of hope
This wasn't my dream
It isn't what I bargained for.
Wasn't this a journey
We had both embarked upon?
Then why is it just me
Bruised, battered and marred.
There you stand ahead of me
Safe and secure on that shore
While here I'm still floundering
And still you ask for more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Words Shall Follow

People come and people go
What you mean to me
Only I shall know

For even though,
My eyes speak a world
And my words express
When I say I love you
You just silently stare

You don't get my emotion
Yet, here I stand
Devoid of pretences
My soul stripped bare.

I look you in the eye
And I hope you can see
That you alone
Mean the world to me

On the edge
I took the free fall
I search your expressions
And there's nothing at all

I turn my face
Decide to walk away
You cut across my path
My hurt reflected
In your gaze

You hold out your hand
I shake my head
I see a flicker pass
Across your face

I smile at you
Link my arms with yours
We walk in silence
But it is not hollow

For I saw in that moment
That the words shall follow.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Rainbows sparkling in the Sun
Yet shadows persist
Where colours exist
Can't look at 'em
Hues lost to the eye
Darkness so intenese
They turn me blind
Rays so bright
They burn the eye
And the tears that form
Are the drops
That I rain
When I cry
Lost in my pain
All cried out
All dried out
Now the clouds depart
The sun still shines
Look up at the sky
Rainbows sparkling in the Sun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Rhyme
No Reason
No Time
No Season
No fiddler's tune
I can emulate
It does not matter
If it's a song
Or just music
Whether a jingle
Or maybe a wolf
For I am
Whistling again!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


There are days when getting up is just not an option...
Facing the world just does not make sense
And after hours of lying in bed
In careful contemplation
You finally decide
To accept the reality.
You turn over
Pull the covers
Over your head
At peace.
A sigh escapes your lips
And at exactly the same moment

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am like the child
On that distant beach
Holding on tight
To the sand, captured
In the little chubby hands
Trying to hold on
Trying to contain;
Forging a bond
Where none exists,
You are the sand
Escaping through the gaps
Slithering away quicker
Than I can grasp...
I give up
Accept defeat
I let go
Opening my palms
I watch the sand
Carried away by the wind
Swirling in it
As if rejoicing
The freedom, the flight
I watch the sand
Disappointment plays
On my face
I glance down
At the hands
That tried to grasp on
And I see
A few grains of sand
Clinging onto them
I see and I smile
And I raise my hand
In a final goodbye.

The final goodbyes are faced by all
Everyone lets the grains go
In the end those left behind
Hold on strong for
They know all about the
Pains it cause.

Thank you The Perfect Poets Cafe 
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