Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Friendship Remains

Of Flowers and Friendship
And the glow they bestow
These blooms may wither 
But your friendship remains.

Through thunderstorms and showers
Scary nights and sunny days
Days, years, even eternities may vary
But your friendship remains.

Your friendship remains
The strength of my convictions.
The power behind my will.
Always the voice compelling me
Never letting me stay 
Nor letting me quit.

Your friendship remains
The reason that keeps my faith intact.
The unseen force behind me 
Always on guard,  keeping me safe.
Stealing my sorrows
Borrowing my pain.

Your friendship remains
For me 
Through thick and thin
And You
My very own angel
Not just guiding me
But holding together
The frayed ends of the rope
Waiting patiently for me to cross over
Every broken and burnt bridge.

And You 
Become my safety net
Everytime I take that leap of faith
And everytime I am drowning
Sometimes, plunging into the dark abyss
You jump right in and pull me back
From those depths of despair,
With the magic you weave
in that one silent whisper that says:
"I am always here. My friendship remains."