Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tear Drop

Today, it was the wind
That was your messenger
I put my hand
Out the window
And it sieved through
Frolicking around your ring
Then a moment approached
When subtly; very vaguely, it
Squeezed my hand and let go
A gentle reminder really
Of your being there
I closed my eyes
And inhaled your presence
And very gently the wind,
You, caressed my cheek
Whispering sweet nothings 
Into my ears.
For a second forces met
Forces changed
And with the gale
You were gone yet again
Leaving me alone once more
But not bereft
A smile formed on my lips
A slightly sceptic one,
But a smile nonetheless.
A smile that still believed
Believed that you exist.
Now, I raise my face
To the sky
And meet you
Eye to eye,
I open my arms for you
And you rain all over me
Your first drop
Meets my first tear
And that is how
We commune and cry...


Andy David said...

This is oh so bittersweet, but beautifully penned. Thanks for sharing.
This Plunderous World

Silverfox Goldwolf Jolie said...

lighten up,

the sun is out.

powerful piece.

Nataeven FairyAn Fallin said...

emotional and tight write.